Chinese New Year Celebration 2018: Concluding Remarks

Dear members, friends and supporters,
The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) has successfully organized another Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration at WestQuay on Sunday 18th February 2018, for welcoming the year of the Earth Dog. We have a range of Chinese cultural performances including Lion dance, kungfu display and Cantonese opera, as well as performances from other groups including Ukulele. The CNY celebration has assisted us to fulfill our three objectives below:
1. To promote the Chinese art, culture and traditions to the general public.
2. To improve the quality of life for Chinese people living in and around the city of Southampton.
3. To actively encourage our members to seek a better understanding of other cultural groups in Southampton.

We would like to express our appreciation to:
1. Our co-organizer Southampton University Confucius Institute (SUCI) for their contributions, especially for the provision of various Chinese cultural workshops and the two attractive MCs.
2. Our sponsors, namely Yau Brothers & Company Ltd., Garden Restaurant, Shanghai Bay Chinese Restaurant, Shanghai 1814 Chinese Restaurant, New World Chinese Restaurant, Top Top Chinese Cuisine, Zen Japanese Restaurant, Imperial Garden Chinese Restaurant, Szechuen Kitchen, Oriental Chinese Takeaway, South Ocean Chinese Takeaway and Opportunity Education for their donations.
3. Our 11 swimmers, John Fairbrass, Rico Lee, Alvin Lam, Phoebus Wong, Paris Choy Wai Kuen, Andy Lam Yi Chung, Shanyi Liao, Ho Kwan Lam, Thomas Lee, Daisy Lee and Andy Lai, who participated in the fundraising swimming challenge on Saturday 6th January 2018
4. Our friends and supporters from UK and abroad, for their donations to our swimming challenge.
5. Our 200+ performers from CAS, Waterside Lion Dance Club, Wutan Martial Arts School, St. Mary Fire Station, Dorset Chinese Art Society, Notthingham Can-Nga Court Cantonese Opera, Southampton Ukulele Jam, UK Shaolin Temple, Southampton Chinese School, Hampshire Caledonian Pipe Band, Chinese Arts Southampton and Chinese Students and Scholars Association as well as our singer friend Shaun Shears, for providing various fantastic performances in the event.
6. Our 30+ volunteers for their helps before, during and after the event.
7. Our cameraman George Ping and other friends who have provided various photos/videos to us.
8. Tim Hand Production for the PA system.
9. Matt Munday for the backdrop frame.
10. WestQuay for providing the venue.
11. Daily Echo for the coverage.
12. Our VIP guests for supporting and attending our event.

I would like to personally thank our committee members, who have participated in various fundraising events including jumble sales and collecting donations from restaurants/shops. In particular, I would like to thank our vice-chair Andy Lai, our secretaries Yammie Lam and Pui Lan Yau as well as our treasurers Cora Edwards and Michael Yau, for their various contributions in managing the whole project. Special thanks to all other committee members, William Ng, Wah Fat Pang, Chi Keung Leung, Billy Cheung, Kuk Ying Cheung, Eddie Ho and Jenny Tang, for their various contributions behind the scene.

Thank you for your continual support to CAS. I wish you all a prosperous Year of the Earth Dog.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Michael Ng
Chinese Association of Southampton
23rd February 2018